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Avoiding Wedding SPAM!

OOOh! How planning a wedding can be great fun! One of the first things many women do is to start window shopping! Bridal boutiques and wedding shows here we come!

If you have not already planned every aspect of your wedding, then you'll be out looking for ideas on color and/or theme, gowns, ceremony locations, reception facilities, musicians, caterers, florists, officiants, bartenders, DJ's, coordinators... In a word, vendors! As you sign up for information, magazines, newsletters and the occasional contest, you start to see your mailbox being completely flooded! Somehow, the 5 folks you shared your email address with, in an effort to retrieve good wedding related advice, have sold you out! Oh yes Bride to be, and you are in your first weeks of what will prove to be around a year and a half of planning and all the spam that goes with it.

Now some people, may actually look froward to getting wedding related emails! In fact many of the top wedding websites offer newsletters. Many online distributors may offer to send you special pricing deals and or alerts to sales. You may not wish to miss these, even if you did not opt in!

What you do not want is to get flooded with emails in your personal account. Sifting through spam to get at your mother and future mother in law's emails is not what we call fun.

So how do you cope with 50 pieces (at a minimum) of emails in your inbox in one day? A free email address of course! Set up a special email for yourself that is for wedding related items only. Yahoo, Google and many others offer free email address and they are super easy to use. Setting up a special email address for your wedding planning may be the best way of getting what you want and avoiding what you do not want.

When you are starting out planning this great party and looking for bids, vendors and newsletter advice, remember to use your email you have set up to receive these event specific emails. Say yes to vendors and bridal giveaways and protect your identity while doing it. When attending a bridal shows and bridal boutiques, be a savvy bride and pull out your pre printed labels. Your name and the address you want to use and your newly created wedding email address. (leave out the telephone #, trust us on this one). Then from anywhere, your mom's, sisters, or library you can choose to boot up that email address and find all your resources in one place!

Keep in mind as well that even your address and phone # should be protected. a P.O. Box is a simple and cost effective way of limiting paper spam, but still getting your wedding magazines. never ever give out your home or cell phone numbers or you'll be the next one to 'win' a promotional discount on 6am in the morning.
Be a Spam Savvy Bride when it comes to wedding planning, take from the best and leave the rest!


Kim Calakoutis said...

I just gave out my (now husbands) email adress. (just kidding!)
I did as you advised and had a seperate account for all the spam

WeddingSavvy said...

You'll be very glad you did!
Thanks for reading!