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Could feather accents be a continuing trend in 2008? We can only wait and see!

Especially since the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (she loves the feathers) this trend is growing in popularity here in the U.S..

Feathers have been used throughout history as a fashion accessory and have recently
been making a (responsible) comeback.

Feathers can be used to add grace and flow to a gown...

Used instead of the standard veils and tierras, feather headpieces are being seen all over the wedding world.

Very sophisticated..
alluring and whimsical.

Using feathers instead of bouquets and used in addition to flowers in boutonnieres...

A growing trend...feathered bridal bouquets...

Used creatively as seen here, pheasant feathers are used in a lovely centerpiece. Below that, a very flamboyant trend of large white ostrich feathers in eiffel tower vases!

Feathers used on the wedding cake!

An important aspect to consider is to use feathers that have been collected responsibly.
This can and should be done. Read about the abuse of birds and the feather trade here.

Have fun and don't be afraid to try something different!

Happy Planning!

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