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After much surfing and research we have come up with the following websites that have helpful articles, great online galleries, wedding resources and communities of Brides.

Top Wedding Websites for Wedding Planning and Community

Mrs. Stewart brought crafts out from Grandma's Den, updated and stylised the whole shebang. The queen of DIY. The advice she gives and the step by step directions are priceless. She has her team of very creative folks looking for new ways to inspire. From simple outdoor weddings to grand New York affairs, her advice and DIY articles are the best. We highly recommend checking he site out and getting a subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine as well as Martha Stewart living magazine. the website is a treasure trove of advice, fantastic photographs and a community that embraces and shares ideas!
The top Wedding website in the country! With good local community boards, the "Knotties" themselves build the success of this site. Create an account and build your profile! Gather information and resources from other brides. The user profiles, the guest tracker budget and and checklist are very very helpful! What we are not crazy about on the knot would include the overpriced favors and high tactic selling that prevails. In a way it perpetuates what we all loath about the industry. Selling us on real weddings that on an average cost 20 to 25k for 150 guests is not real to a majority of Brides we get emails from. The Knot is the most popular in our option is, the users that make it so. The 'Knottie" community is grand, the networking that is done with other bride is priceless no matter what your budget. Being able to follow up with your 'Bridal Gal Pal's' via the Internet, and browse though users pages is a wonderful social outlet for Bride's who don't to want to bore their friends with wedding talk! Talk to other Brides, go to where everyone wants to talk Wedding!
What we like about InStyle Weddings? Everything! This is a website that knows how to please it's readers and web visitors. You are not bogged down with ad's, you are given the freedom to peruse through some of the best photo galleries. These great galleries include fashion, showing rings dresses and shoes for just the start. The magazine's website is well thought out and easy to navigate. I love seeing the art of the style in this industry and InStyle weddings is best! Then to feed the little gossip bug in you, peek in celebrity weddings area and see what the famous are wearing, who is designing for them, who made and designed their cakes? It's our favorite 'celebrity wedding voyeurism' site out there!

Wow is all we can say for Bride's.Com. Very slick and stylish. Among the best. The web version for Bride's Magazine, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. Message boards and local vendor resources, make your own wedding page. Their clipping feature to help keep track of photos you like, vendors and bookmark you favorite columns. Fanatic wedding gown fashion designers and videos make this visit a wonder experience. With a user community that is growing and getting better daily they offer advice in all areas of the process by the top in the industry. There is that lingering question of how real some of the weddings and ideas are, and the vendors are among the be$t out there. Their style section includes a color wheel you spin to help choose wedding colors! Supper fun and addictive! Their galleries are among the best out there. No lack of inspirations photo's here! If you want to be a lookie-lou this site is for you! Very inspirational, you 'll often see us link to their photos and advice forums!
A great resource! A really in depth site with a lot of links to dress designers, a dress each feature that is truly beyond compare. Once you are a registered member the site is easy and quick to use! Their advice forum if full of superb advice from contributors, Real Brides here and practical advice. Other real helpful sections on their site would be the gallery of hair styles for every length, some great ideas to bring to the hairdresser with you for your trial, or try at home yourself! The galleries are fantastic, offer over 50 cakes to daze and inspire with information to the creative vendors. Their registry contains 17 stores from Tiffany to more...realistic.
Wedding Details has one of the best and very usable wedding planers, print out pages from the planner from a link of their page.
Lots of affiliate links but good advice if you dig a little deeper. We often link to their advice in our articles here. You can find a vendor in your area as their search function is nation wide. Their add a link for vendors is reasonably priced as well, so you can get a wide variety by searching the database.
out of Canada, Frugal Bride is a fantastic resource, message board, tons of crafty ideas, and a photo gallery and tons of very practical advice. Although the design of the site is sometimes odd and hard to navigate at first, once you get the hang of it, you'll find all their great advice in the column on the left. A great resource. Highly recommended! Since they are based out of Canada, the vendor search wont help unless you're in Canada.
This site site is what is says withing limits. It's categorised and there are themes to it, however it's all under the umbrella of a store. Their side columns are filled with them selling their books which to us, is a turn off. Their good advice is deeper and harder to find behind the big sell. They do have a blog with helpful articles and some great do it yourself advice. We admire this and their great resource for theme ideas is why we decided to add them to our top wedding sites list.

Stephie Stewart evidently saved thousands on her wedding and in her book she shares her secrets with you! If you are not interested in purchasing her book, that's okay! She sends out a newsletter that is super helpful. the newsletter features Bride's sharing their stories on how her tips helped save them $. Sound like an infomercial? Maybe, but our readers tell us they have gained great advice and inspired them to negotiate!

Find Vendors, Wedding Articles (limited), Wedding Chat & Bridal Shows. The best area of interest according to us and our readers would be their galleries of photo's. Looking for photographs to inspire your hair style for the day, they have many! Shoes? they have some features, but better a list of show designs and vendor information. the cakes are also fantastic to look at with descriptions to help! One Wed is a place to look!

A good website that is getting better. new message boards. Articles for wedding planning, and by real brides! Lot's of great question and answer sections quoting real brides. Some D.I.Y. resources, choosing colors, flowers, ideas for toasts and a budget planner. Not as great to navigate as others, but a lot here to find.

Choose an area of the United States and find local resources & vendors at very reasonable prices. It's a top pick and one users agree get them to the information the want quickly and easily! In February they started a Blog and it's nicely written and has great potential!

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