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Choosing the Wedding Cake

Here are some tips when you are choosing your Wedding Cake. Click here to see some new trends and ideas.

  • In house or outside baker?
In most cases you will be able to bring in your own wedding cake to your Reception Venue. Ask your Reception Venue to make sure.

  • How Many Servings?
Have an estimate of how many guests you will be feeding (use a planning time line like theses). You will then have an idea of how large a cake you will need.
  • A Cake in the back?
Yes, if you are on a budget then have a display cake to take photo's with and to cut into. Have the cake wheeled into the back kitchen as typically done anyway, for serving. Have a sheet cake in the kitchen and serve your guests from that one. Done right, no one will question it and you will save a lot.
  • Have some ideas!
Want the cake in your Wedding Colors? Are you having a Theme that you want incorporated? Bring pictures of cakes that you like so your baker has an idea of the type of work involved. No Mutual Mystification!
  • The taste test.
Some cakes look lovely, but taste terrible! make sure your Baker will allow you to taste your choices! Bakers will offer diffrent fillings and different frostings, make sure you taste them all. Make sure the 'buttercream' frosting is made with butter, not shortening!
  • Oh my Gosh, that much for a CAKE?
A talented experienced Baker is worth his/her wait in Frosting! It's harder than it looks and you must pay for experience and expertise. This is NOT one of the areas you want to scrimp on. Call around to find out what the typical cost is in your area and go from there. Visit our Budget bride area to see what you can do to save$ on your Wedding Cake.
  • Experrience
Beware of armature bakers. make sure you can visit, chat and taste the cake, get references and a written contract.
  • Have a back up plan, always.

Here are some questions you should ask
when shopping your Wedding Cake:

  • Are samples available?
  • When may I come and taste?
  • When is the last day I can make changes?
  • Do you deliver? (Nnow is not the time to see if you can DIY! The cake needs to be packed properly to ensure it arrives at the reception intact).
  • If something goes wrong, what is your back up plan?
  • May I have 3 refrences who I may contact?
  • May I see photgraphs or a portfolio of your work.
  • How much would it be for regular cakes the same size as the wedding cake? Here is a funny video clip about this very issue on You Tube.

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