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As I was putting together more posts of inspiration boards I love and the talent that created them, I became aware of a post over at Sparliattie the blog of Sasha Souza Events, posting support of a great post by Liene of The Smart Planner.

In this post over at Liene's
The Smart Planner site talks about this new trend of how some wedding 'experts' are now selling inspiration boards to clients. It is an important post I think you all should read. It's so fun to look at pictures to find inspiration, but selling other professionals work and passing them on as work you have done is downright wrong. Liene spells it out.

The internet is a such a fantastic resource these days and with a _simple_ Google search and click of your mouse you can find all kinds of fantastic inspiration for your wedding, free with the proper credits to the hard working professionals who made these events happen.

I hope you continue to enjoy our posts to favorite boards, organized by color for the next week or so.
Please click the picture or the link under it to go to the home of the creator where you will find appropriate credits to the designers and photographers!
Thank you to the talented board creators, planners, event designers, florists, photographers and bloggers. Thanks for keeping us inspired!

Happy Planning!

In case you were confused or wondering: These are not our events and in no way was WIAB-TLB involved in the creation of these boards or the events!
If you want to see events we have worked on, visit our profile at Wedding Wire were you can view some photographs of past clients who have given their permission to be used as references.
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