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Top Sites for advice.

Bride's - The Ettiqute Police! A fantastic resource! Questions about Family and the Wedding Party, who does what, answered.
Basic wedding etiiquette. By Carla Loew here at

Save the Dates, Invitations R.S.V.P.'s etc..

RSVP Etiquette
Ceremony Etiquette - by Christian Nadavallil

Who Pays for What? - Money is the issue.
Wedding Tipping - Tipping! It's written into the contact already...the limo driver, the coordinator, the musicians, the florist, the hairstylist? Who, how much, HELP!

Backing Out
Calling the Wedding Off - All we have to say is go with your gut. Here is how to communicate this decision.

The Reception
How to have a semi formal wedding...the etiquette.

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Angela said...

Have you ever seen the movie The Wedding Planner? A J. Lo and Matthew McConaughey vehicle, one of the best scenes was the handyman's belt strapped to Ms. Lopez's waist, containing everything one might ever need in a pinch at a wedding. From clothespins to glue to tape, she had it all.

Click here, if you want to make one of these Wedding Survival Kit of your own.