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Flowers & Centerpieces

How to choose a wedding florist By: Jeff Ostroff on the Bridal Tips Website
Questions to ask your florist from Bliss! Weddings
Modern Bride has a great page of Flowers, by color!
Idea's and Links to Services!

Wedding and Banquet Centerpieces

Elegant Bride has a fantastic page with Idea's and Inspiration. Fantastic and highly reccomended!
A great article on unique centerpieces from One Wed
Bliss Wedding has a great collection of resources on flowers...from their page: ' We've created a database of flowers that are most commonly used in bridal bouquets and arrangements. Search our flower database by your favorite color, by the season of your wedding, by your region of the country, or even by the color of your bridesmaid's dress.' Try it here: at Bliss Weddings
Non floral centerpiece ideas and shopping here at Your Wedding Company

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