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Music for Your Wedding & Reception

Music for Your Wedding and Reception

Choosing the right music to walk down the aisle to, have your first dance as a married couple, dance with your father/mother or just boogie the night away is a very personal decision.
For some, the play list will be the very most important decision and to others, just background, so to speak.
If you are following a wedding planning guide, they may suggest special songs for all the following events:

At the Ceremony
  • The seating of your guests.
  • The seating of the mothers and special family.
  • Candelighting (for the candle lighters if you have them)
  • Bridal Party Processional
  • Bride's Processional
  • Unity Candle Lighting
  • Soloist
  • Recessional
At the Reception
  • Receiving line background Music
  • Cocktail Hour Music
  • Introduction Music
  • The Couples First Dance
  • Dinner Music
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Mother Son Dance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Garter Toss
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Last Dance
Since music is so very personal, we suggest you visit the links below to inspire your choices.
We'll leave you with these words of wisdom while you surf; Choose music that the both of you enjoy. Choose music that fits the formality and season of your event. And last but not least choose music that leaves you and your guests smiling.

Happy Planning!

Links to Wedding Music

A favorite place to start is With about 20 suggestions for the unity candle lighting alone, it's a great place to get started.
Another wonderful resource is Wed Alert. Having a special section for cultural/ethnic wedding music makes this stop especially sweet. A checklist is also available and will be invaluable while dealing with a DJ, which is a complete post of its own!
WeddingMusicUSA has a good list that can be found here. A lot of classical which we find to be soothing and completely non offensive.
Wedding Tips has amazing suggestions,like they say 2,000 suggestions!
The Knot has published many articles on chosing wedding music and suggestions. So see the list and read the articles here.
OurShoppingTips/ may seem like a strange place to suggest, however this site boasts the best first dance songs, so check them out!
Here is a list of Christian wedding music.
Liweddings has long lists of suggestions!
And last, but not least, try iTunes! We have done searches and been amazed!

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