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DIY Favors:

Some favorites DIY Favor advice from You Tube first:

Last minet Wedding Favors from WeddingTips: User weddingtips

This very clever Bide shows off her favor! User kwojo0405

We have collected links to great DIY Wedding favors:

Two from YourWeddingComapny, Bubbles & Boxes:

Thank you for the image: Your Wedding Company

Votive Spray Favors - Your classic wedding fare. Learn to make them here with Step by step directions and photo's.

Thank you for the image: Your Wedding Company

8 Way Box - Learn how to turn a plain white box into something to hold your wedding goodies! Eight styles here to inspire!

Edible Favors By far the most popular of favors
by industry professionals and couples alike.

The Dragees

Thank you for the image: ChocolateChatter

French tradition, the Jordan almond! A traditional choice and easily wrapped in tulle and tied with a pretty ribbon is a perfect simple favor that all guests enjoy.

Chocolate! - You can easily make your own chocolate from quality chocolate and some molds! Here are some simple instructions on how to make your own chocolates.

Chocolate covered Oreo's

So what if you didn't make the ordo inside? And who says it has to be an oreo anyway? Go the the orgeon Soap Company get the mold and learn the process!

The Hershey Bar - Okay, I guess you cannot get credit for making this chocolate, but how about a re-wrap? Yup, you can purchase or make new personalized wrappers in your wedding style/theme for a guest goodie!

Candy - simply put, a handful of MnM's would make anyone smile. Not only can you get these personalised (ok, not DIY) but you can get them in all the colors you ever desired. A simple diy, grab some in pink, put in tulle or pre purchased or made, favor bag and you are done! matching your color scheme just helps to pull your whole style together, and what's easier than a handful of MnM's?

Ooooh! Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with C! - And so does celebrate! celebrate this great day with a personalized cookie!

Coffee or Tea? - A favor that gets used is a favor that is appreciated. Offer up a sweet poem or funny saying with these very useful favors.

Homemade Wares - Honey that comes from your hometown or locally made favors are always a big hit. Jams, jellies, syrups

Living Favors

Remember that MANY favors get left behind at the reception, so you may not want to invest a great deal of time and energy on them unless it's truly important to you! ( $1.99 per favor + 150 guests = $298.50 without that tax...okay, just think about it.)

Seed packets. using your own handmade envelopes, give seeds from your garden or ones you have purchased. Extremely sweet if you have bunches of Zinnia's in your arrangements. These flowers are easy to grow and luscious to boot!

The Plantable paper - We have mentioned this favor before and it is really simple. In fact with a simple paper making kit you can make your own place cards, thanks you's and favors on paper strewn with seeds, just waiting for sun, soil and water to bloom.

Plants/herbs - You can take tiny pots and put any type of plant you like in them. Rosemary is a favorite herb to use at weddings as it stands for rememberance. You can paint the pots or tie with a ribbon to suit your wedding style. Putting a little card on it, turns this favor into a place card. Used together and grouped around a larger plant, you now have your centerprice, your place card and your favor! Yeah DIY baby!

Other Idea's

Useable gits are a hit, but I often wonder what the guys do when given a frilly wrapped sachet bag with potpourri, but still, it's usable favor.

Soaps - So easy my 4th grader made 'em!
candle - Really easy to make your own candles!
A Family Recipe- Printed on a nice paper to match your style. A secret family recipie for happiness!
CD's - There is considerable debate as to wether or not these are legally acceptable. With that said, there are services that will do this for you or you can DIY. Burn your favorite music onto blank CD's and pt a nice label on it, wrap it up or don't!

Remember favors are not required!
If you choose to give favors at your wedding,
be sure they are personal, edible, reusable and fit into the style of your event!

DIY Wedding Favor Links

Martha Stewart - What can we say, except when anyone says DIY, I always think of Martha! Check her site out and get her magazine!

DIY Bride - A favorite Blog of ours. This community is full of fantastic ideas for Bride's on a budget as well as those who just want to get hands on!

DIY Wedding - Another resource for those wanting to DIY the whole wedding process. Click favors to see their suggestions!

- This page has more DIY wedding related cratfs than you can shake your glue gun at. A must visit!

Michael's - Crafts, crafts and the supplies to make it happen. A great resource for the crafty Bride!

The DIY Network - Here is their inspiring list of bridal favors!

AC Moore - The craft people. Watch video here on favors you can make!

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