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Choosing Wedding Colors

When planning the wedding, it's savvy to have already be consulting your Planning time line and have it handy. There are a few items on the list that have an impact on the colors and style you choose to use. Color, theme and style. It's all addressed here. A good choice and use of these colors and style will add unity to the whole affair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colors:
  • Have you booked you ceremony & receptions sites?
You should consider what the environment says already. What colors are there, what style is it? A nice hotel may have a very lovely style in their banquet room and you may a 'build in' color scheme already to work with. What colors rugs, curtains, walls? Check what color linen they provide.

  • Are there cultural or religious elements that are important to you?
Different cultures use different colors to celebrate life and joy. If you are having a cultural wedding, embrace it and choose your colors and style appropriately.
  • What season is your Wedding?
You'll find the time of year Will affect a lot of choices, from what you wear to the flowers available to your location. Spring is bright with new flowers, Summers are beachy and lush with bright colors, Fall is golden and Winter sparkles with depth.
  • Do you have a Wedding style or theme you wish to incorporate?
Will you have a sit own dinner, or a stylish after dinner sware'? Do you want an afternoon outdoor wedding, or a cocktail reception? A style can include a running theme. Using images to complete a theme works well too. Read more about Wedding themes and how to use, click here. If you are sailors, seashore lovers, you can use nice blues and whites with even splashes of yellow. There should be a balance when using a theme, the colors and decorations that go with it.
  • Have you set your heart on a particular flower or floral arrangement?
Lilly of the valley, lilacs, tulips, hydrangea or roses? Use natures color palate. These colors sooth and inspire. Flowers are, of course, seasonal. Try and use flowers that are in season or you will need to have them shipped in at additional cost and time. Try to be seasonal with all your design elements.
  • Have you selected your Bride's Maids dresses?
If you have pink Bride's Maids dresses already picked out, then you have one of your colors already. The Bridesmaids dresses will be a main focal point and should be one of the three colors your choose. This color should also be flattering to your Ladies!

How to Make Your Colors Work Together

The use of the color wheel is one of your first assignments in color theory.
Get yourself a good color wheel from the paint department of your craft or home improvement store.

For now, let's use one from online:

Read more about Color Theory and how to use colors,
visit the page
color matters.

Choose a main color with an accent color or two.
You may also with to go monochromatic, using different hues and shades of a particular color. Done well, this look is exceptionally sleek.

Coordinating Your Colors & Style!

  • Go to the craft store, pick out some sample fabric swatches and purchase some ribbon.
  • Peruse the aisles at the craft sore and the mall for the papers, the save the dates, the invitations.
Visit our Wedding theme page and read more tip son how o incorporate your theme (even if it is just 3 colors) into your Wedding style.

By the Time of the Wedding Shower (up to 6 weeks preceding the wedding date) you will have already picked a venue, know your colors and can start using them with this event to compliment the invitations. Follow up with your style, with your thank you notes. This gives a very clean and well put together look to your celebration.
Just remember, no matter the colors or theme you want to tie it all together with simplicity and style.

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