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'Conflict-Free Rings'

Seattle's KUOW had a great, let's say it again GREAT, program on BLOOD diamonds, Tom Zeller's book the Heartless Stone describes the conditions, politics and corruption of the diamond industry.
Please listen to it here:
Or go to his site and find out more! The Heartless Stone!

Other great sites that are listed on the KUOW site regarding diamond issues:

Conflict-Free Ring Buying
"Conflict Free" Diamonds
The lure of diamonds as an ideal repository of illicit wealth for the unscrupulous has lead to wars that have raged in many diamond-producing countries of the world, resulting in massive levels of human suffering.
While diamond mines themselves are fought over, it is the gems which often become the cause of - and the fuel for - wars because they are such high-value commodities which were, until now, easily smuggled and traded into the legitimate diamond market.
The Kimberley Process, created in 2000, is recognised as the spearhead effort by the diamond industry and the diamond-producing countries to crack down on the multi-billion dollar trade in gems which have been, and are being, mined in war zones.

The ultimate aim of The Kimberley Process is to ensure that every rough diamond sold under the certification requirements imposed upon the Member States by The Kimberley Process, is guaranteed to be conflict-free. Currently, more than 60 diamond-producing countries and several high-profile independent charities concerned with human rights and welfare are party to the agreement.

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