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Wedding Party Duties

Who does what? Well, it seems it depends on who you ask and in what decade you are asking the question!
There are many websites and blogs that will give you their lists, so here is ours..edited and tweaked and commented on for the 21st century.
Take all the duty advice with a grain of salt, then talk with you attendants and ASK what area's of the outlined duties they can take care of. Do not command anything, in this day and age it's time to start working together around all of our busy schedules. And unless you specify differently, the attendants take care of paying for their own attire! I know this is a tricky issue, so please be clear when asking your friends and family to become part of your wedding party, so they are fully aware of all their responsibilities (time and financial)!
With that said here is our list of wedding party duties! More links to duties down below.

The Ladies:
Maid of Honor (or Matron if she is married) help with:

  • Shopping, for the Bride's dress and the Bridesmaid dresses.
  • Helping with the wedding invitations.
  • Helps make and assemble the wedding favors.
  • Organize with you and your family, your wedding shower.
  • Take a list of items given at the Bridal Shower, help with the rehearsal bow-quet.
  • Plan and execute the bachelorette party.
  • Assist the Bridesmaids with any issues.
  • Help be the go between on the wedding day between the Bride and everyone else.
  • Aid the Bride getting dressed and bustle her dress for the reception.
  • Hold the grooms ring and exchange it for the Bride's bouquet when asked at the altar.
  • Adjust the Brides train and veil during the ceremony.
  • Usually signs the marriage license and the ceremonial copy as a witness.
  • Has a place in the receiving line and at the reception head table.
  • Together with the Best Man and families of the couple, take care of the gifts.
  • Help with pre wedding tasks when asked and available.
  • Offer to help the Maid of Honor with her tasks..Shower, Batchelorette party.
  • Purchase the dress, shoes picked out and get the necessary fittings.
  • Attend (and be early) for the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding.
  • Participate in the receiving line, eat at the head table and participate in the bouquet toss (if single).
The Men:
The Best Man
  • Organizes the bachelor/ stag party.
  • Attend (and be early) for the wedding rehearsal and wedding
  • Helps to organize the Groomsmen to get their tux fittings/ rent and pick up the tuxes.
  • Gets the Groom to the church on time!
  • Helps the Groom get ready (ties straight etc...)
  • Keeps tabs on the Groomsmen and the Ushers.
  • Holds the Brides wedding ring until asked for at the altar.
  • Handles delivery of payments if requested to do so.
  • Signs the wedding certificate and keepsake certificate as a witness.
  • Kicks to toasts off by making the first toast to the couple at the reception.
  • Sometimes the Best man will act as the Master of Ceremony for the reception!
  • Is supposed to dance with the Mother of the Bride and single women (This one just makes me giggle, don't ask me why).
  • Aids the Maid of Honor and Brides family gather and secure wedding gifts.
  • And according to some, the Best Man also takes the couple to the airport for their honeymoon!
The Groomsmen
  • Get fitted for tuxes.
  • Participate in the bachelor party.
  • Attend (and be early) for the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding.

The Ushers

  • Be in place at least 45 min before the ceremony.
  • Encourage guest so sign the guest book.
  • Take any gifts/cards and place safely aside.
  • Offer a ceremony program.
  • Seat as instructed. (sometimes the first few pews are for immediate family).
  • Extend your right arm to the ladies, wand walk the men to their seats.
  • May be asked to dismiss the pews one by one at the end of the ceremony.
  • May be excused to enjoy the rest of the party, may be asked to perform additional tasks.

The Links to more advice!

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