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So your planning a wedding! If it's yours, congratulations! This will most likely be the largest party your will host in your life, with you as the main attraction! Your families and your friends will all be in attendance to celebrate this milestone in your life!

If you are the bride, the groom, mother of either, maid of honor, or dedicated friend, you are in for the ride of your life! Especially to the family & friends, thank you! Your roles in this celebration, your support and love, will be of utmost importance as the next months of planning go along!

So you start, you Google 'wedding planning' and you get 8,390,000 matches in .07 seconds...and you start clicking, bookmarking with reckless abandon! You go!

As you surf along, do you start to feel like you have seen it before? The same $5.00 favors, sites that expect you to spend over $25,000 on this day? So many websites they all start to bluer together? Some pages require membership fee's & log in's and more passwords to remember? Sometimes getting lost in a world of pop ups , pages of the same links, ad links, dead links...oh my.

Well we have browsed many many sites for wedding planning, decorations,
etiquette, wedding trends and shopping and have compiled the best sites that give our readers all encompassing information. We are a free site with no kickbacks (other than our Google ad's), so you can trust that our links are quality, not pay off's.
Browse our categories and follow the links and skip the hassles and go straight to the information you are looking for because we have see it all!
Remember to email us with questions, comments, reviews of sites we have listed or additions!

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