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Gown Designer of the Week - Elizabeth Fillmore

Elizabeth Fillmore

Elizabeth Filmore was know for exquisite evening gowns. Ten years ago she started her Bridal line and the glorious world of bridal apparel couldn't be happier.
With her experience and knowledge gathered from her years in gown designing and as a graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she has given us an alternative to the puffy tulle wedding gown.
Ms.Fillmore drapes the woman's figure for a graceful and sophisticated Bride.
Read and see more at her website here at Elizabeth FillmoreBridal.Com.


Started by two sister in France, these ladies started creating wonderful wedding gown.
We just love the use of color and their very creative designs. Such great fits and exquisite details!
They are a just the right amount of different from many other gowns we see!
The use of red, black and pink blush colors are too fun!
Enjoy & visit their website and see all their designs here!

Claire Pettibone
February 2008

Claire Pettibone is known for her
classy lingerie, but her wedding gowns are just truly exquisite!
Mrs. Pettibone grew up in rural NY by artist parents. She states that being exposed to museums and galleries growing up helped to inspire her creativity. She studied design at the Otis Parsons school of design in LA and upon completion began her career.
Visit her site here.

Angel Sanchez
February 2008

From his biography on his site:

Angel Sanchez has been captivated by fashion since childhood. He grew up in his mother's atelier in his native Venezuela surrounded by dress forms and fabrics. Watching her sew with the entrancing abilities in her hands and her talent and determination was Angel's first inspiration.

About his bridal collections; Today Angel Sanchez is renowned worldwide for both bridal and evening wear designs that reflect his architectural discipline and structure while creating new shapes and proportions that hold true to the timeless perfection of traditional couture dressmaking. His elegant designs are architectural, contemporary and feminine and always include a touch of drama and impact along with innovative details. Through his linear precision Angel creates definition to flatter and enhance the figure allowing a woman to feel the freedom and beauty that comes from confidence alone. Angel Sanchez designs are renowned for celebrating the woman and allowing her to take center stage.

Most notably in 2005, Angel designed Sandra Bullock's wedding gown and Eva Longoria's Emmy Awards dress for which she received a best dressed nod. In 2006 Sandra wore an Angel Sanchez gown to the Oscars and in 2007 Angel designed Eva Longoria's wedding gown. Angel's talent and jovial personality has won over celebrities on the red carpet and socialites on the international party circuit. His devotees also include Salma Hayek, Giselle Bundchen, Beyonce, America Ferrara, Iman, Elizabeth Hurley, Bridget Moynahan, Thalia, and Gayle King.

Visit Angel Sanchez's website here!

Jenny Packham
February 2008

From her Bio: Honored as Hollywood Style Designer of the Year 2006 and British Bridal Dress Designer of the Year 2007, Jenny Packham's luxury design house is world renowned.
A graduate from the prestigious St.Martin's College of Art, Packham's glamorous celebrity clientele includes, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Keira Knightley, Nelly Furtado, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce.
Visit Jenny Packham Bride website here.

Badgley Mischka
January 2008

Mark and James have been designing gowns since 1988.

Hailed by Voge as one of the "Top 10 American Designers", their gowns have been featured in Atlanta Weddings, Inside Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and InStyle Weddings.
Visit the Badgley Mischka here.

Eric Choong

January 2008
A Singapore based design company.
Their gowns are very lovely and floral designs highly creative!
Visit the Eric Choong Site here.

Vera Wang!
January 2008

Who doesn't LOVE Vera Wang?!

From ice skater, ice skate outfit designer, editor at Vogue for 17 years, a designer for Ralph Lauren to the most sought after Wedding Gown designer _ever_.
Here are clips of her 2008 season! Guess what? Color! A yummy trend for 2008! Go Vera darling go and let us soak in your glow. Sigh.
Visit the Vera Wang site here.

Flirty Fifties
Candy Anthony is delicious!
December 2007

From the site:

Glamorous 50's style bridal gowns, 1950's ready to wear bridesmaids dresses, ball gowns with multi-layered petticoats, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, corsets, veils and more.

1950's and 1960's style wedding dresses mid-calf and floor length available in any size
or colour, bespoke made for you.

Visit Candy Anthony today for your retro Bridal style!

We love Hannibal Laguna
December 2007

So we fell in love with Hannibal Laguna this week.
Take a look at these delightful dresses, they are from the White Song Collection.

Here is a description:

Hannibal Laguna

The White Song

Romantic, sensual, feminine...
Identifying marks which define each piece
and differentiate the style of the Hannibal Laguna bride.

Sophisticated silhouettes, natural textures,
exquisite finishes and luxury in the details...
Amalgam of elements which demonstrates to us that
beauty itself is a matter of magic.

Evocative mixture of volumes...
Irregular, asymmetric and bias-cut.
Floral play of magnolias, irises and lilies.
Vaporous dresses which insinuate emotions,
unique and unforgettable.

Overlays of delicate textures...

Shades and origin of a delicious glazed effect.

Body, movement.
Firm, light fabrics.
Worked gazar, silk garza, triple satin, organdie.
Combinations of materials to envelop us
in a cloud of sensations.

Hand-crafted relief...
Essence of couture.
Minuscule drapes, tiny pleats,
embroidered linens, dusted with mother-of-pearl, sumptuous plumes.

Meticulous finishes...
Evocative jewelled details,
in silver, copper and semi-precious stones.
Luminous sparkles.

White tones...
Soft and nostalgic, with dry shades,
profound and transparent, veiled and filtered, by another white,
but always white.

From Barcellona's Bridal Week
His the website here.


We Love Kenneth Pool.
December 2007

These dresses are from the 2007 collection. We are seriously holding our breath for the 2008 collection.
Find Kenneth Pool here. Video of the 2007 runway show can be found here.
You must read about Austin Scarlett, designer here. What an inspiration. This man really knows how to dress a woman! Enjoy!
P.S. We learned that Lauri, a 'Real' Orange County Housewife is having Austin create a Kenneth Pool just for her!
read more here:
Most of my filming revolved around planning the most beautiful and romantic wedding ever. Austin Scarlett from Season 1 of Project Runway makes an appearance with me. He is currently designing the most amazing wedding dresses for Kenneth Pool. That was a fun day!

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