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A Little Candy & Long Time No Post!

A little candy...

Do you get your Daily Candy? We do and we love it! Sign up for their daily updates of events and items not to be missed! Sign up here.Take a peak at their 2008 Spring Wedding Guide here. A delicious treat with luscious links.

We enjoy the sweetest watercolors that accompany every email and their ever so clever play on words.Eat it up everyday and keep smiling!

Long time, no post...
Hello Dear Wedding Friends,
WeddingSavvy here to say Hello!
It's been quite some time since you all got a new post to sing your wedding fangs into and we regret the lack of posts. However, on the other side of it, we are excited... WeddingSavvy has been asked to contribute in a most stealth manner to a number of publications.
One never knows what paths life will offer, so we encourage you as well as ourselves, to take a chance and forge onward and upward!
Now, on the down side it means this blog will go back the the old standard of monthly articles and updates.
Of course, we love your email and will always respond to your requests for advice, so keep them coming and enjoy your planning, we'll be in touch!
As always,

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