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Bridal Gowns - A Vintage Series

We love posting about our favorite wedding gown designers each week and are always looking for a new fresh gown designs! You can find these in our previous posts - Wedding Gown Designers of the Week, here. This series is more of a focus on the past.

Today we want to introduce you to TheFrock.Com (which, we hope you already know out as it has indeed existed for 8 years).

I've met plenty of gentlemen who had collections of lovely gowns growing up in San Francisco, but none as impressive as The Frock founder Christian Madrifal's.

the sideshow of our favorite wedding gowns in his collection. His collection of Vintage Gowns is simply stunning. His Celebrity wardrobe and memorabilia for starters is breathtaking. But then venture into the bridal category and you'll find 18 pages of Vintage Wedding Gowns from such well know designs as;

Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Victor Costa, Valentino, Adolfo, Pierre Balmain, Givenchy, Carolina Herrara. One dramatic creation is even tagged "Mr.Blackwell, Custom".

The gowns in the sideshow are just from the Bridal Collection, there are virtually hundreds more gowns for the vintage clothing enthusiast. And who says your wedding gown has to be in "wedding' collection anyway? Take a look for instance at the last dress I put in the sideshow. That rare Sally Milgrim gown in aqua blue satin and netting would fit the ...something blue...category perfectly!

Wear whatever you want, and count yourself lucky if you can purchase and fit into one of these masterpieces! All are available for purchase and quite reasonably priced if you as us. At the very least browse the collection for inspiration!

Happy Planning!

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

Fabulous!! I also love vintage fashion and got a vintage wedding gown from TJFormal.