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Groom's Tip #1

Size her up.

So you are all ready.
You have a plan.

You know the style.
You have educated yourself on the three c's, her preferences, you have money in the bank.

You look, you make up your change your mind.

3 hours later,
you call your mother.
You call
her mother.
You come back with her best friend.
Ok, you have made the choice.
It's perfect.
She'll love it....and you... forever.

Your happy, relieved and the butterflies are calming.

Then the jeweler asks, 'What's her ring size?'

You pass out.

Don't let this happen to you.

Easily find out how to find out...her ring size, here.
Let your lovely finance put on her engagement ring and not have to tape it up and take it off to be resized.

Got all the bases covered?

Yes, yes you

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