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Floral & Event Spotlight: Yvonne Floral & Decor

Oh my, we are in love. Meet Yvonne Floral Design, Stunning Event & Floral Decor
If you are having a ceremony in Hawaii, we found the floral and event designer for you, take a look...

From her Bio:

Yvonne's passion for flowers developed early in life as she spent time between her family’s two floral design studios in her hometown in Washington State. Her unique and innovative style is influenced not only by the physical beauty of a flower, but also by its development and life process.

It was during Yvonne's studies in psychology at the University of Washington where her passion was taken to a whole new level as she was inspired by the power of a flower. She intuitively learned that flowers have the powerful ability to touch the senses: smell, touch and sight by recalling a memory, evoking emotion and creating an experience. This interplay is felt as she skillfully weaves artistry and emotion throughout her designs.

Before launching Yvonne Floral Design in Hawaii in 2002, Yvonne created floral designs for Donald Trump at his private club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. It was designing for a plethora of celebrity events and weddings at Mar-a-Lago where her unique style truly blossomed.

Yvonne's love of color and texture is obvious, and her natural creative flair and stylistic approach allows her to constantly invent fresh and imaginative ways to incorporate flowers into special celebrations. Yvonne takes a simple idea and turns it into an exciting and distinctive floral piece beyond the imagination. Clients often collaborate with Yvonne's creative ideas to refine their individual style and to discover adventurous possibilities to customize their

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