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Wedding Expert

...or shopping expert?
Okay, no surprise that Wedding Savvy loves to shop! Honestly shopping *is* researching and I have always loved a good research assignment. Searching out the best of the best, the newest and coolest to the traditional and classic is my forte. The internet has expanded this hobby over the past few years to what, some might say, is pure addition!
So being picked as a Wedding (shopping) Expert on
Wishpot, is indeed an honor, a privileged and another reason to keep shopping! Weu Weu!
What is Wishpot? Let's introduce you! It's a great shopping, registry site. You can surf all over the internet and add whatever you want from ANY site to your gift lists! You can create lists for your wedding registry or lists for friends or for yourself. You can also choose who you share your lists with. It's truly an amazing service!
We here at WIAB have created multiple lists of fun stuff and we are just getting started! Check out our lists here.
Thanks to their very savvy-ness, here are some video's via YouTube to help how
Wishpot works! This first video will tell you what it's all about and how to use it! The second is how to use the add it to Wishpot button to your toolbarand the third explains how to use Wishpot for your wedding registry!

Happy wishing & planning!


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