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Cinematography spotlight: Goodwin Films

This just brings a smile to my face. Megan and Nate ran away and got married. Something about the super 8 film really brings the emotion and lovely images to the forefront.
Great talent over at Goodwin Films. Only 24 and I think he has this stuff down.

About themselves:
Goodwin Films is a video and film production outfit based in Springfield Missouri. We specialize in tasteful wedding documentaries that we call "Wedding Movies". In addition to an occasional short film or music video, we're also up to our knees in commercial freelance work. We've been doing this full time for about 3 years now and it's quite possible that you've known us as "Citizen Media Group" (our ex-name).
Favorite moments of ours:

Visit Goodwin Films here and they have many more sample films you can view, including a great" Trash The Dress Session", all great.

Happy planning!

1 comment:

Poster Blog said...

Its nice to know that there are tasteful wedding documentaries such as this! I admire Goodwin Films for having the "Wedding Movies", as those who will watch this will definitely be inspired to fight for true love...