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Invitations - Types of Printing

Invitations - Types of Printing

When choosing invitations you will be asked to choose your style font, style of printing and wording. Here are the different types of printing typically available today:

  • Engraving - A printing process whereby images such as copy or art are etched onto a plate. When ink is applied, these etched areas act as small wells to hold the ink; paper is forced against this die and the ink is lifted out of the etched areas creating raised images on the paper. From:

  • Embossing - Impressing an image in relief to achieve a raised surface; either over printing or on a blank paper (called blind embossing). From:

  • Letterpress - Method of printing from raised surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas. Also called block printing.From:

  • Thermography - A print finishing process producing a raised image imitating die stamping. The process takes a previously printed image which before the ink is dry is dusted with a resinous powder. The application of heat causes the ink and powder to fuse and a raised image is formed. From:

  • Lithography - A printmaking process in which a drawing is made on stone or metal with greasy materials. The surface is prepared so that the image takes ink while the non-image areas repel it. The print is made with a lithographic press. From:

  • Foil Stamping - Process which employs the same basic principle as letterpress printing, the ink being replaced by foil, and applied with heat. From:

  • Digital Prinitng/Computer printing - Printing technique in which the image is created by a PC based system. Has the advantage of low set up costs and no minimum volume run. Also able to provide very high definition images. from:

  • Calligraphy - The art of beautiful writing. Broadly, a flowing use of line, often varying from thick to thin. From:

  • Hand written - Penmanship or handwriting is the art of writing with the hand and a writing instrument. Styles of handwriting are also called hands or scripts. From:

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