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Paper Goods- What Do You Need?

  • Save the date cards, magnets, bookmarks - This is a newer trend but a great one since many peoples lives are planned well ahead of time, especially in the summer months. Let's your friends and family know to save this date for your upcoming wedding.
  • Invitations - An invitation for the addressee/ addressees as to the who, what, when, where (and they know why) of your wedding!
  • Response Cards also known as R.S.V.P. cards & envelopes - A card that in included with the invitation. The recipient fills out to confirm their attendance, sometimes including a meal choice as well. Includes an envelope (pre-stamped is nice!) for the ease of response.
  • Gift registry cards - This card is to inform guests where you are registered. These days it is polite to skip the card and make sure the information is spread word of mouth via family. It is also now acceptable to include this information on your wedding website! Do NOT, place this card in your invitation should you decide to purchase them.
  • Ceremony cards/ reception cards - Mostly used for large scale weddings, these cards will indicate to the invitee if they are invited to the ceremony and/or reception respectfully.
  • Ceremony programs/ covers - For the ceremony. This is a program resembling a playbill describing the ceremony participants.
  • Pew Cards - These cards may be included in the invitations or later after the response card is received. This card has the invitees name and pew number on it for assigned seating. it is given by your guest to an usher who will seat your guest accordingly.
  • Menus - Just like what you would receive at a restaurant. you may have choices of meals described for your guests to choose from. Most commonly used to inform guests as to what food will be served during the reception dinner and placed at each seat.
  • Table Numbers - Numbers for the tables. Using escort/place cards the invitees name is placed with their table number below. Display these number properly and at eye level preferably for your guests to find their assigned table with ease.
  • Escort cards/ Place cards / Seating Assignment Chart - As described above, your guests will receive at the entrance to your reception their seat assignment. This can also be done with a poster size seat assignment chard that displays the room/table set up with named placed accordingly.
  • Napkins - Yes indeed. You can have your names, monogram date time and place imprinted on paper napkins.
  • Seals/ stickers/ tags - Seals, stickers and tags for your invitation envelopes, thank you notes, favors and anything else you want to tag. Can have your monogram, names, artwork and or quote added to any of these items.
  • Hotel & accommodation cards/ maps/ brochures/ weekend wedding program - For your guests. Be a good host and hostess and provide your guests with information! For out of town guests it is polite to include accommodation/ hotel information. If you are providing accommodations, include that information. Accommodation cards should be included in your invitation.
  • Map your area. From the airport to the hotel, from the church to the reception site. Providing a map for our guests will ward off easily made mistakes for traveling guests.
  • A brochure for out of town guests is a lovely addition. Usually left in the hotel room with a welcome note or basket (or at the front desk for the hotel clerk to give your guests upon registration), a brochure of your favorite places, restaurants, museums, theaters and the all important map. Also include information as to the wedding rehearsal, dinner and other wedding related events to make your guests feel welcomed and well informed.
  • Are you having a weekend wedding where family and guests will all stay on for a few days? Inform guests of wedding related events such as the rehearsal, dinners, bridal brunches, hen and stag nights as well as other scheduled outings. Providing everyone with a program of activities makes a weekend flow right along, maybe even stress free due to all your excellent planning!
  • Wedding Announcements /At Home Cards - You cannot possibly invite everyone you have ever known to the wedding and reception. After the wedding, send out announcements stating you two were wed. Place where and when the event took place. You may double this with the at home card. This card informs everyone of your new home together, telephone and married name.
  • Thank-you cards & new stationery - As many guests as you invited to your wedding, that is a least how many thank you notes you'll want to have on hand! One, yes one, for every guest (couple) you invited. Have extras on hand for goof's! And even a few more for gifts you may receive down the line as the uninvited receive your announcements, some will send gifts. have some new stationary printed up as well with your married names and address for future correspondence.

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