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November - Photography

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As November progresses, many of us start preparing for family get-togethers. As family gathers, share, laugh and love over family photo's. When planning your wedding, you'll want photographs to have, share and pass down.

You'll often hear newlyweds saying how the day of the wedding went by so quickly and how their wedding photographs helped them remember and re-enjoy moments you missed but the photographer didn't! So after the whirlwind of your wedding day, you'll be glad to be able to look upon your photographs and enjoy the day again and again.Photograph courtesy of katialo

Feeling nostalgic this November, we have features some of our Flickr favorite photographers (see our favorites here), tips, what style of photography might suit you, questions to ask, favorite articles and links to professional organizations. Be sure to scroll down and take a peek at post wedding photography with Trash The Dress!

Remember when shopping that you are looking for photo's that invoke emotion. Someday your family members will look upon your wedding day photo's, saying...'remember when...?!' A good photographer will bring you this gift, so here is how to shop for the most important artist you will ever hire!

Tips on Wedding Photography Shopping

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  • Start early! Once your venue is picked out you should be on the lookout for a wedding photographer. A year in advance even? The answer is yes. So what are your waiting for?
  • Where to start looking? Look first to family & friends. If there were some great pictures taken at family weddings in the past few years, ask who took them! Word of mouth can be a great way to find your photographer. If the photographer was easy to work with, prompt and attentive, made your family and friends feel and look great that that's a photographer to interview! Also ask your venue folks/ wedding coordinator. Having done tons of weddings, they probably have some excellent people to refer you to!
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  • Internet Window Shopping! The Internet is fantasticic for window shopping. Period. First you can look and select a style of photography. It's great to roam through Flickr and see what style speaks to you! This is the best way to window shop all the different styles available these days from the comfort of your computer chair.
Types of Photography

Photograph courtesy of WeddingSavvy's Family Album
  • Traditional photography will have you lining up groups of family in posed styles for those formal photo's that get passed down and displayed.
  • Non-traditional photography is more of a documentary/photo journalistic style. This style is quite hip today. These candid shots can tell the story of your wedding day in pictures. Shooting while it's happening captures so much emotion it's no wonder this style is now so popular.
  • Interviews You MUST interview every photographer in person. When you go to interview make sure the person you are interviewing is the person who will be photographing your event, if it is not, schedule a meeting with that person before signing any contracts. Personalities of the photographer and the Bride is of utmost importance in getting the great photographs you want.
  • One last tip. Single use cameras that are left on the tables for your friends and family to capture candid shots. Although quite popular in the past, these are usually reported back as a waste of money. Almost everyone has a digital camera these days. Ask your friends and family to send you their shots via email, simple!
Our Favorite Questions To Ask Your Photographer:

Photograph courtesy of Starla Steward Photography
  • How would you describe your style?
  • Are you and may I meet the photographer and assistant that will be shooting my event?
  • How many photographs are typically included?
  • How many hours will you work my event?
  • Do you use film or digital, or both & why?
  • How many camera's will you use at my event?
  • How soon after my event will I receive the 'proofs'?
  • When will I receive the finished product?
  • Who owns the right to the negatives (originals)?
  • Will you be shooting another wedding on my date/weekend?
  • How much to go overtime?
  • May I see examples of your work from recent weddings?
  • May I have 3 recent references?
  • I have some examples of poses & shot lists, are your receptive to my idea's?
  • How much do you charge? How much of a deposit do you need, when is the total amount due?

ALL of the above should be in your contract!
Do not overlook the importance of a good contract, for you and the vendor.
Follow this Google search and see sample wedding photographer contracts.

Online Resources!

Photograph courtesy of rougerouge

Over at the WeddingBee, you'll find they have put together a most comprehensive list of Photographer's Blogs! Check out the Bee's Photographer Blog list here! Thank you Mrs. Ant for putting this GREAT list together!

Here at the Wedding Vendor Guide, this post ' Make Sure You get all the Right Photos...'discusses wedding photograhy and has a great shot list!

Weddings at iVillage has a list of 88 must take shots here.

Digital Photography School
offers this amazing article you must read on their blog; Wedding Photography - 21 Tips for for Amateur Wedding Photographers. But this article isn't just for amateur photographers, it a great guideline for us all. What to ask for, what to expect...exceptional article, bookmark it! has an interesting article chronicling the photography of weddings. Their article falls right into our nostalgic feel features some old photo treasures. The article leads into a wikipewdia explanation of wedding photography that's worth while to read.

Here at
The Wedding Photojournalist Association
this article is WEDDING MEMORIES AND BUDGET: A QUESTION OF PRIORITIES takes the perspective of the wedding photographer from the professional side of things. Interesting and thought provoking by Michael Roney for The Wedding Photojournalist Association.
There are also many articles of interest here and I would highly recommend reading some so you know what to expect when hiring!

Professional Photography Organizations

Professional Photographers of America
Wedding Photo Journalists Association
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Better
Business Bureau

Trash The Dress

Take a look at these photographers on Flickr who have done great Trash The Dress photography sessions! These are our personal favorites! You can also go the Trash The Dress Photography Pool on Flikr, great inspiration!

stonesinthegarden, cute TTD here.
CardenPhotography fun TTD with hubby here and here.
sarahkchen, love, love, love this TTD session! Dancing in the fountain, oh lala! And a Thank You!

{Shelly} gives us creative cute and sexy TTD shots!

Stay tuned for updates before the end of the year, including tips
for choosing your videographer!
Enjoy the Holidays, your families and make memories!

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