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Years End Wedding Buzz - December

Weddings By Socialites Wedding Planner and pro blogger Kelly Mc Williams has a great little post called Wedding homework that is oh so good and oh so true!
Communication with your Planner is the key to wedding day success!
Kelly also posted about the Photo booth recently. If you are thinking of adding a little extra fun at your wedding, the photo booth is it!Kelly's so cute!

These shoes are to die for! Found by Bridezilla!
Wouldn't these darlings look sweet poking out from under a white gown? Too cute. Bridezilla has more info...

We continue to love Liene at Blue Orchid Designs as she continues to interview industry folks with her inspiring interviews over a cup of coffee. Really magnificent meet and greets with amazingly talented people!

The Wedding Register is one of my favorite wedding blogs and recently brought us this cute item in a post on Nov. 1th. A felt cake to play with! Go read more at The Wedding Register! Play with your cake as you design it!

Planning....Forever Events. First off, I hope you know they moved! We got a sweet little reminder from Saundra when we wandered to the old! Such a darling and such a pro! I love her blog and straight forward sensibility! Read the following post to see what we are talking about; Wedding Trends that are OUT! Project Runway style baby.

She walks in Beauty always tops our reader. I was especially taken with this posting. I LOVE candlelight and this post! Candelight just speaks to me! Creative designs!

The Wedding Planner has got hilarious and 100% on the mark advice in a Friday series post! Don't miss advice, ache, I mean RULES. Terrica, you are a hoot!

Joyful Weddings Joyful Events of Orange County/San Diego California!
Courtney posted about a recent summer wedding. The photographs were amazing, the Brie and Groom blissfully happy looking and the planning was obviously superb! Take a look at her work here! What a sophisticated playful event! Visit her blog for great photos and goodies from this wedding and learn more ab
out Joyful Events!

Over at Something Blue we loved the post; Trivia Champagne!
Very helpful information! These logistics are what you need to plan a flawless event!

Bridal bar posts some fantastic photos from your wedding magazines party at the Sofitel Los Angeles designed fabulously by Eddie at Tic Tock. Another great post were the dresses by our all time favorite gown designer Carlina love love her dresses and you may have had a chance at purchasing a sample last Thursday and today till 6pm in L.A. (probably the only time in my life I actually wish I were back in L.A.). Keep it up, Bridal Bar!

Now talking about dresses, Back over at Bridal wave this post about this lovely dress from 'Violet' bridal gown at Annette Carey! Got us excited to see a trend of colorful linings! Yummy! We've seen cute Bride's dye their petticoats and love the idea of an underlying color explosion! HOT!

And last but not least we must mention the Alluring blog by Richmond, VA florist...Her blog, the Bride's Cafe is a synopsis of the grand events she has been a part of creating. Amazing floral decor for these events is obviously not her only talent, in this post she interviews Monique Lhuillier, dress designer. Get the inside scoop on the trends for the 2008 gowns from this creative talent over at The Bride's Cafe.

Stay tuned for more love...and happy holidays.

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planning...forever events said...

Thank you so much for the mention of my wedding post AND the fact we moved. Traffic has slowed to small crawl, but it's wedding cyber friends like you that will help get the word out! Happy Holidays!

Janie said...

Thank you for including The Bride's Cafe on your site. We are new to the "blog world" and are truly honored to be in such great company.

Something Blue said...

Thank you for featuring Something Blue in your blog. We will be having more wedding trivia posts in the future so we are hopeful that we will continue to provide great information to brides.

elizabeth said...

i love those blogs! great post.

Melissa said...

I'm late to the game here, but thank you so much for the Wedding Register shout out!