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Favorite Flickr Photographers

Five Favorite Photographers from Flickr !
View Tim's photographs on Flickr here.

Are you a bit of a wedding photo voyeur? We sure are!
We thought we
'd share some recent favorites from Flickr!
These photographers were gracious enough to allow us permission to share these with you!

View Brett's photographs on Flickr here.

View David's photographs on Flickr here.

View Charles's photographs on Flickr here and his website here.

View Amy's photographs on Flickr here and her website here!

Read advice on how to choose a photographic style and photographer that suits you, here.

Happy planning!


Wedding Bouquet said...

Some really nice pics that you have posted there, I really liked the 3rd pic a lot

teardrop said...

I love the photo of the bride's shoes!

Amy T Schubert said...

thanks for the mention!

good choice on the other photographers too ...