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Happy Valentine's Day!
Have a lovely day!

Read a little about St.Valentine and impress yours!

Here is a sweet Valentine's day evening just about anyone would enjoy.
It doesn't take much to show you care!

Looking for a last minute Valentine's card?Try here at MintPrintables.Com

Want to whip up an easy quick and delicious dinner?
(even for you non cooks)

Try here at Ask Men.Com..they have it all figured out for you!

How about a lovely cocktail?
Try this very easy one;
One shot Bacardi Limon
(or to taste)
8oz. cranberry juice
ice, add a lemon twist if you can & enjoy!

Thinking of proposing today?
A little advice for proposing today can be found here:

Have a wonderful day!
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1 comment:

navillus99 said...

I loved reading this blog...I am starting to get goosebumps about my own wedding...It is a Christmas Wedding 2008 and We are so excited. I am having so much fun researching all these wedding ideas. Thank you for the blog.