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Poloraoid Guest Book?

Picture Perfect Guest Books!

A unique guest book idea that is being used frequently these days is the photo guest book.
Having someone on hand to take photo of guests as they arrive to either the ceremony or reception.
Your guests then sign a page in your album, a page reserved for them and
insert the picture!
These are very fun for you and your guests and will be a true
treasure when looked back upon! Personal images with personal notes!

The only issue here is the fact that you may no longer be able to get Polaroid instant film!

That’s right, Polaroid is shutting down it's instant film production!
Read that whole article here.

So what to do when you had your heart set on this form of guest book?
You have a few choices…

Of course you know digital is our future. Although not instant in the tangible sense, you can still go this rout with a photo printer you can have on site.

HP Offers a great one that Circuit City is selling right now for $69.96!
You have many choices when it comes to photo printers, so go now and compare!

So, how to?

Designate a person you trust with the taking of Photographs of guests as they enter the ceremony site; telling them it’s for the guest book that will be available at the reception.
Designate the same person or maybe your coordinators assistant to run ahead and start printing!
As soon as you can, make the announcement at your reception that the guest book table is available and encourages guest to start signing next to their pictures that have aleady been arranged on loose pages!
This is also a nice time to do a meet and greet with guests ;)!

Another idea is to rent a photo booth! These are just too fun for guests.

We have been involved in great weddings where photo booths were used and the guests just have a blast and the booth has been utilized all night long resulting in fantastic funky and fun photos!

How to?

Google your location and rental photo booths. You’ll get results, trust us!
Arrange with your venue for per
mission, drop off and pick up times as well as making sure you have an accessible outlet!

Set up a table near the booth. Put out scissors and make photo guest book pages available with plenty of pens and glue sticks, sticky dots or double sided tape.
Make sure you have individual pages out of the book so more than one person/couple working on a page at a time. Leave a nice sign for your guests encouraging them to past th
eir pictures in the book and some sentiments as well. It's a great activity for your guests, encourage guests to take extras as favors.

Another idea is to talk with your photographer.

Setting up a spot at your reception for your photographer to take pictures of your guests. These pictures can be coordinated with the guest’s guest book page at a later date, or just simply kept with your wedding photo's.
We have also seen where the guest’s photos are taken at the ceremony site and available already by the photographer at the reception… copies for your guests as a favor and a copy for your guest book!

Livermore Photography shares their new Photo Booth type of Photography service here in this post!

Here is acute wedding website we stumbled upon where the couple used a photo booth, check them out!
The photo’s are just too cute! Congratulations Adrienne and Eli!

Here at Cat-A-Blog, Cat shares with us her experience at a friends wedding;

A very sweet Blog post with more pictures here at There is Beauty.

GuestbookStore; These are cute pages you can order and guests can have fun doing more than just signing their names!

So don’t despair, you have great choices and suggestions to preserve these precious moments in photos!

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