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DIY: Luminaries & Votive Holders

After showing you how to add a some non flame 'candlelight' with Throwie DIY LED lights, we thought we'd share some fun DIY votive and luminary holders you can make yourself!
Use these to inspire you to light your wedding aisle, line outdoor pathways, hang from trees, or use as centerpieces. With the use of LEDs, no worries about fire restrictions! Get the candlelight like glow you had always visioned for your wedding day!
If you want to drop a couple of LEDs in these, it's safe and economical! Shred a little bit of pearly cellophane and top your LED light with it in the container to mask the light source just a little if someone peeks inside and you don't want the source so very obvious ;)

Etching and frosting glass
can mask the light source, just a little bit

Save-On-Crafts has tons of crafty ideas!

These are fantastic, not candles, just the forms,
light from the inside with whatever you like! DIY Network

Bead your votives to add a bit of sparkle

1. Beaded hanging votive candleholder on the DIY Network
2. Beaded votive holder on Curbly by DIY Mavin

Votive Crafts from Home And Harden Television

Jar Votives Ellen Allen on HGTV

"Stained Glass" Painted Fish Bowl With Votive by Courtney Clark on HGTV

Some Favorites From Martha Stewart
Three types of hanging votives:

Candle Chandeliers How-To from Martha Stewart

Hanging a set of miniature glass lanterns from Martha Stewart Living

Fourth of July Votives

More Luminary/ Votive Crafts from Martha Stewart:
1. Lacey Luminaries 2. Beeswax covered luminaries

DIY Votive Crafts from Krylon

Shimmering Holiday Votives on Krylon

Pearly Garden Party Candles

Wedding Votive Trio from Krylon

For the Winter Months, Try Ice Votives!

1. Small ice votive holder from 2. Ice Luminary at HGTV.Com 3. Ice luminary snowy walk from Christmas: 101 Wondrous Ideas to Make (Better Homes & Gardens) Posted by CreativeHome 4. Crazy tall ice luminaries on Flickr. Maybe not DIY, but inspiring!
5. Colorful Ice Luminaries on 6. lemon & branch ice luminary from Better Homes & Gardens

Hope you found these DIY votive crafts inspiring!
Happy planning!

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