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The LED Solution!

How great are these?! From street art to wedding inspiration. The use of throwies was recently discussed over at the Wedding Bee and the discussion was quite...enlightening! At about .25 a throwie, three of them can illuminate a 16' paper lantern easily!

Lighting Lanterns With LED Throwies

June 17th, 2008 @ 11:38 am by Miss Tiramisu

Crazy cheap budget-conscious Miss Tiramisu here, back with some hard-earned research for you all! I posted a while back on the possibility of lighting our paper lanterns with homemade LED throwies. Well we’ve finally gotten around to putting these suckers together. As I said in my last post, I ordered the supplies on ebay. My first mistake was not paying attention to the difference between “diffuse” and “bright” LED lights. Read more of her post here....
So if you...
  • ... can't afford a professional lighting company...
  • ... don't have the right outlet configuration at your venue...
  • ... have fire restrictions...
  • ... don't want to worry about anything catching fire...
  • ... are savvy...
  • ... want a wedding task for your fiancee that he thinks is 'cool'...

These are a excellent answer, and the one for Miss MidOctober's wedding!
Many thanks go out to the Bee's and Miss Tiramisu,(who is now Mrs.Tiramisu, congrats!)
MissRojoOso who posted this thread on Thowie Tips. In Miss Penguin' in a post:

about paper lanterns ambinsb gave the great idea of making little battery operated LED lights called Throwies. I ran out to radio shack after work to do a little R&D. Sorry for the grainy pictures. I loaned my camera to my mom. Here is a 14" white lantern with 2 throwies. I'll probably use 3 or 4. I accidentally grabbed red LED lights instead of white. Now I know it works and will buy the supplies in bulk.. The responses where a great help! Read more...

Then in suzanno 's response an example:

As far as we can tell one of the first sources to suggest the use, ambinsb:
ambinsb says:

We are making led throwies to hang by fishing line within our lanterns to light them up. They’ll come out to about $0.25 a throwie, and we’ll need about three to light up one lantern (under a dollar, yea!) Here are the instructions if you want to give it a shot:
Keep in mind that you won’t need the magnet, but it would probably be beneficial to add the on/off switch, instructions are here:

Look and dig deep when doing your research and you'll find what we did; that having illumination weather it been in lieu of candles in the centerpieces, hanging from trees or lighting the pathway, you can do it 'flamelessly' and inexpensively!
The Links:
At Instructables: Start your throwie supply shopping here posted by Josh_Bon intructables:
    • found all the parts on eBay at good prices (except for the tape, since that can be purchased locally). Here are my search results:

EBay offer a great selection here with q simple here.
Met Cafe ofter some instructions posted here by offers inductions you may find valuable.
A great site for rentals was suggested over at the Bee's. Love them!
And if you finding yourself an LED junkie, check out the contest here at intructables!
More interesting instructions we haven't fully investigated yet at: MakeZine.Com

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Happy planning!

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