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Sparkly Wedding DIY - More Sparkle with Crystals

I have been so inspired by the sparkling handicrafts I have seen recently! Just fantastic! I want to share with you even more ways to incorporate sparkly accents into your wedding designs using crystals! I hope you enjoy and are inspired!

A Sparkling Wishing Tree
One last look at a variation on the crystal tree. From Here Comes the Guide, this amazing variation of the crystal wedding tree...the wishing tree! Simply follow the instructions for the crystal wedding tree, although these do not have to be as tall. Place some wish tags and pens on the table and have your guests write wishes for the bride and groom. A sparkly variation to the traditional guest book that adds so much to your over all decor!

Crystal Stems & Accents for Your Wedding Bouquet
Image from:

These are pretty little sparkles you can add to your floral wedding bouquet from You can purchase these outright or DIY. Over at DIY Bride, she teaches you step by step how to make these accents yourself. Most florists will happily provide these for you, but you can also DIY and add then to your bouquet yourself (you may want to let your florist know your doing it, or give her the crystal stems for them to add, so the look is just right). You can also add a crystal monogram as seen above!

A Crystal Bouquet
Image from:

Nothing but crystals for this bouquet! Chris has a blog over at geocities where she shares with us step by step directions. These are some of the best directions I have found to make your own crystal wedding bouquet. She shares pictures, tips and advice from her 'Knottie' friends as well. Remember practice makes perfect if you are a DIY'er, or of course you can purchase one ready made with a simple Google search.

Top This Cake Topper
Images from: STBMrsJ message board, gina674 message board and Hamiharri @ anotherweddingblog

Many brides have taken on this DIY project by adding crystals to their monogram cake topper. Purchase your initials precut and add the sparkles in colors and patterns that match your overall wedding style. At the blog, Expect Nothing But Perfection they describe exactly how to make a crystal monogram cake topper! Also, instructions here too at Another Wedding Blog.

Crystal accents for your paper lantern!
From CREATE your STYLE™ with CRYSTALLIZED™ -Swarovski Elements comes a most fantastic idea to ad some crystal accents to your paper lantern display. Hang a bunch of lanterns then decorate a few lanterns with crystals. Hang a few throwies inside (see this previous post on lighting your lanterns with LED's) and watch the WOW factor come alive!

Head Wreath & Tiaras
Wen Hsu has created some stunning bridal jewelry here at Mareas Headpieces as well as sharing tutorials on her site. Stunning.

The Links
Our previous post for DIY'ing The Crystal Wedding Tree
Create Your Style with Swarovski shares many inspirational crafts at their site.
DIY Bride instructions for crystal stems for your bouquet
" " instructions for your crystal bouquet.
Wedding Ideas & Details has tips for making your own monogram cake topper.
DIY Network has some step by step instructions for making your own jewelry.
NVO shows you step by step how to make a tiara.
Jewelry Supply also shows you how to make a wedding tiara.
IO-Mareas shares their tutorials on how to make a beautiful head wreath and a headband!
Wed Craft uses the 'way back' machine to make some old listing of crafts come alive again. Many great ideas and sources here.

After the Dress sells crystal bouquet letters as well as some crystal stems.
Custom Crystals makes very pretty Swarovski crystal monogram cake toppers.
Veilu Bridal sells lovely bouquet jewelry.
Couture Cake Jewelry sells monogram crystal cake toppers.
Mareas Headpieces Oh so beautiful creations. As well as sharing instructions for tiaras and headbands, you can purchase their products outright.

Crystal & Bead Vendors:
Decorating Studio a wonderful supplier. Great trims.
Art Beads has very affordable supplies.
Jewelry Supply has a wide variety of Swarovski crystals
Goodie Beads has a nice large selection of Swarovski & crafting supplies.
Cute As A Button has some pretty accent pieces.
Ebay offers great deals!
Panda Hall has all kinds of shapes of Swarovski.

Happy planning & crafting!

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Hi, W.I.A.B.,

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