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Online Tools: Color Palate Generators

Choosing the colors for your wedding scheme may have been a daunting task in the past. Comparing ribbons in the fabric store or going to Home Depot for fistfuls of paint chips are certainly trips that are no longer needed.
A great benefit of the internet is the ability to browse thousands of pictures for inspiration as I am sure you already know! It's what you can now do with those photographs to create a clean and professional color scheme is what you may not know. Le us take you on a tour of four wonderful sites that have free online color tools you can use right this very second!

I used a background image I just love love love from
COULORLovers.Com, and gave it to the generator to see what it came up with, albeit easy ;). They give you the color codes this pattern was made with, so matching is easily done. Seems to inspire me to use the colors from the pattern to throw someone a bridal shower and decorate the table accordingly *wink wink*! Still very acceptable colors for the autumn we are easing into.

I then went over to ColorHunter.Com
I used a photograph of a wedding arrangement from a wedding I worked on with florist, Wendy with Ravenna Bloom. She created this gorgeous arrangement for the tabletops that went so well with the overall grand design and colors of the ballroom at the Olympic Fairmont Hotel in Seattle. Let's see what colors ColorHunter came up with from those lovely flowers along.

Big Huge Labs also has a great online color generator.
In fact there is something about the very presentation that makes me usually pick them when I am looking for some color inspiration. Same interface as the other sites above, you take a photograph, upload it and see what the generator comes up with. Here at Big Huge Labs the generator the color gives you the option of downloading
these swatches in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format for Photoshop or compatible applications.
I used the cover of Elegant Bride's summer issue to see what hues would come from this mostly monochromatic minty cover and cake...I like it (the pink did generate roof terracotta...interesting)! Perfect for a spring time wedding don't you think?

BigHugeLabs generates the ASE with the help of our next featured Online Tool...


Last today but not least I wanted to introduce you to ColourLovers.Com.
What? You haven't heard of them? Well, my dear, you simply *must* click on over, create an account and share the love. All the inspiration and codes you could ever need.

In addition to colors, there are so many creative folks sharing patterns, you may be able to find more than just colors for your wedding, but a background for your wedding website, your sideshow, a backing for your invitations?!
I am particularly crazy about this post since coloring as a kid was a favorite pass time. All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts! You can find ALL the color codes to that perfect color crayon you always coveted! Then work it into you wedding color scheme easily with the help of their fantastic tools and groups and forums! A must visit.

Choosing the right color combinations for you wedding just got a little easier with these fantastic online tools. With the code generators, it also makes creating some DIY
elements much easier. Use the codes to continue the colors very easily into all your online, computer generated tasks so you can run that color theme though it all.
Also check out a previous post of our that will guide you in choosing wedding colors and most importantly *when* in your planning process you should make the color decisions.

Happy planning!

The Links

Here are the links, again, to the above online tools:




Elegant Bride

other tool s I didn't mention above, but still like:

WellStyled.Com has a color scheme generator I enjoy.

ColorJack, super easy and quick.

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