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Online Tools: Create a Wedding Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are all the rage. Once a tool used mainly by designers as they developed a concept for a client, now a tool for everyone. Create on in Paint, Adobe or any other graphic program from photos off the internet or scanned photos from magazines. The use of photographs in certain colors or themes can really help in developing a wedding style that fits you as a couple.

There are some create online tools that have jumped on this inspirational bandwagon.

Today we'll share two!
First we have Polyvore.

Then we have Bridal Canvas. Both these sites are addicting fun. Here are some great cake inspirations boards we found while surfing these sites.

At Bridal Canvas, wedding cake inspiration:

Bridal Canvas, Picture Your Dream Wedding
Bridal Canvas, Picture Your Dream Wedding
Bridal Canvas, Picture Your Dream Wedding
Groom's cakes:
Bridal Canvas, Picture Your Dream Wedding

Cake inspiration over at Polyvore:

The easy search function allows you to search ready made boards from members by wedding cakes, wedding flower, wedding gowns and all kinds of wedding themes.
You can very easily register and start making your own boards within minutes.
Give it a whirl , you'll defiantly be inspired!

Happy planning!

Note: Polyvore and The Bride's canvas are not professional tools and IMHO they need more pictures and some tweaking to what they have in stock already BUT, it's still fun and they are getting better!

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