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Online Tools: A Round Up & Silly Fun

So for the past few posts we have been sharing a series of great online tools to help you plan. Here is a round-up of those posts and to finish up, some silly online tools: fun!

Inspiration Board Generators
Play online on your lunch hour! Use the pictures on theses sites, from gowns to cakes, jewelry and shoes. Make an inspiration board for your wedding quickly and easily.

Wedding Widgets
Have a wedding blog you want to dress up a bit? Choose from many wedding weddings. Count down the days until your wedding, cakes, gowns, celebrity wedding news and polls. Add our widget up as well so you know what great stuff we are blogging about to make your online planning easier!

Wedding Color Generators
HELP! Have a picture you have simply fallen in love with? Want to copy that color scheme? Upload it and get the color palate and the color codes to streamline that style.

Wedding Mapper
DIY or choose a professional. Make maps to include in your wedding invitation and/or to give out after the ceremony so guests can make it to the reception and not miss a moment of fun.

Miss. Now Mrs.
After the wedding, a fantastic service for changing your name with everyone! Makes a great gift too!

Wedding Wire
Easily becoming a must for planning your wedding.

EZ Wedding Planner
An easy and simple resource for planning your wedding. The email alert telling you what's on your schedule that you can have emailed to yourself, or anyone you choose is a great help!

Wish Pot
A great resource with easy sign up, community and the ability to add to your wish list from any store online!

My Invitation Link
Want to go comppletely gree? How about an online invitation? Give it a shot! Handmake a few invitations for those on your guestlist who are not so savvy and save money! Now *that* is savvy!

Get Married - Online Chats
Over at GetMarried.Com you can log on and chat with the leaders in the wedding industry. Get advice from the

Here are some other tools you may find useful or just silly & fun!

Horoscope Compatibility

David's Bridal - Dress Your Wedding

iVilliage - Are You a Bridezilla

Online Flower Guide

Bliss - Wedding Floral Generator

Brides.Com - Flower Finder

Happy planning!

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