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Online Tools: MissNowMrs!

Here is a wonderful online tool for after the wedding!
For a mere $29.95 (what is *your* time worth) you can have MissNowMrs help you change you name legally.
Once the wedding is over you may take a deep breath sit back and relax knowing all the details are handled. With this service you'll now all the little details, what you need to change what and in what order these things need to be done! From your social security card, driver's license and banking needs this service makes it easy and stress free.

From their site: is the premier online name-change service created to simplify the name-change process for newlyweds. Once you select our $29.95 name-change package, you will be on your way to changing your name the easy way. will guide you through our three name-change steps:

  1. Questions
    You will be prompted to enter your personal information, which will be used to auto-complete your Social Security, IRS 8822, United States Passport, United States Postal Service, and State Driver’s License forms. You will then be asked questions, which will be used to complete name-change notification letters for your banks, credit cards, mortgage providers, utilities, medical providers, insurance companies, professional license boards, and investment companies. If you are uncomfortable entering certain personal information, such as your social security number or account numbers, you have the option to personally write it on each form.

  1. Forms
    Once your forms and notification letters are completed you will have the opportunity to review each form and letter to make sure that it is accurate. Upon approval of your forms and letters you can print them directly from the website or save them on you computer and print them.

  1. File
    Each form will print out with an instruction sheet. The sheet provides the order of submission, fees, required documents, office locations, and mailing addresses for each form. Notification letters also print with a set of instructions and a checklist to help you manage your form and letter filing.

    What you can take care of with MissNowMrs:

    Social Security
    U.S. Passport
    U.S. Postal Service
    Driver's License
    Voter Registration
    Bank Notification Letter
    Credit Card Notification Letter
    Mortgage Notification Letter
    Utility Notification Letter
    Medical Notification Letter
    Insurance Notification Letter
    Professional License Notification Letter
    Investment Notification Letter
    Certified Marriage Certificate(s)
Certified Marriage Certificates

Many of the name-change forms require a certified marriage certificate to be included as proof of name change. can provide you with an auto-completed form to request these certificates. Typically you only need to answer one more question to complete the request form. When you have completed the three name-change steps you will be given the opportunity to purchase a marriage certificate request form for $4.95.


Click above and begin changing your name today!

Happy planning!

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