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Field Notes: Fifty Foot Films!

This is amazing. Instead of simply videotaping you wedding, get it filmed! In 16mm or super 8 format. Loving this technology from the past, history based technology, is somehow inherent and ingrained in us. With amazing soundtracks combined, the emotion comes through in the final product.
Companies like 50 Foot Films brings us back to our roots. The films see the events as the eye sees the events lending itself to the way we remember, emotionally. Read their philosophy here.

Take a look at theses snapshots taken from their films and go watch them in their entirety over at their screening room and view their wedding cinematography. A must visit.

Packages start at @ 12k and I am sure are most worth it.

This filming technique I think is going to continue to be a huge trend. Take a look and judge for yourself!

Happy planning!

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