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SugarBloom Cupcakes

I've fallen in love and I haven't taken a single bite. These are simply put, masterpieces. I am sure they taste as good as they look. I may have to take a road trip to find out. Imagine adding SugarBloom cupcakes at your party. Stand back these cupcakes may steal the show.

There is no way to pick favorites, but I must say I love these little creations, "Tall Cupcakes". Go read her post here "Tall Cupcakes" The new collection!"

I want one! Or two...
Visit SugarBloom on their business blog and see more on Flickr, you may even get a recipe or two! Oh and last but not least, who can resist this cute cake? Read her comments, too sweet.
This Cake is for my hubby Dan's 30 something-th Birthday. The kids were both creative critics and quality control executives for this cake, bless 'em! The fondant puppy was modelled from a picture of our Husky "Titus" when he was a pup. He was lots of fun to make, these tiny pups are so cute. The cake is a 6 inch Caramel cake with Caramel Chocolate Mousseline Buttercream. Mmmmmm, so pleased I get to eat a bit of this one! The grosgrain ribbon was inspired by Kylie, thank you Kylie!

Happy Planning!


AmyJean said...

Those cupcakes look so pretty... and they taste good too?!? Wowsers... that beautiful edible art! :)

WeddingSavvy said...

Thanks for the comment AmyJean! Don't they look delish?! And so beautiful!