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Field Notes: Old Timey Films

Old Timely Films is an amazing experience that takes you into the day of the life of the amazing weddings featured on their site. The filming, editing and music selections are top notch.

From their site:

"We create wedding films that look like you want them to look—nostalgic, fun, artsy and timeless"
Old Timey Films - It's a feeling, a sense of nostalgia, an emotional memory of a wonderful time gone by, kind of like watching your parents or grandparents wedding films. Based in Boulder, Colorado (but we travel and shoot throughout Colorado and the U.S.) we are a dynamic film production company that takes a cinematic approach to Wedding Day filmmaking. Our retro cool wedding films have a classic 1960's era look and feel. They are magical. It's something to be experienced, something no medium other than film can capture. We use traditional cinematic techniques and the highest-quality, professional Super 8 motion picture cameras (Canon, Nizo and Beaulieu) to capture the true wonder of the most special day of your life!

Here are some favorite moments clipped from the video.

Visit them for more more information! Old Timely Films

Happy planning!

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