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Spotlight on Super 8: paper Tape Films

Merry Christmas Day!

It's a day for happiness, creating and capturing memories!

Last week we were falling all over ourselves in love with Fifty Foot Films. A wonderful company that provides amazing wedding day cinematography in a super 8 format. Their packages according to their website start at 12,500. Now, not everyone can get this in their wedding budget,(my pie chart over runnuth
over). If you For such cases as this they are wonderful by recommending Paper Tape Films, a subsidiary company, whose packages start at a more realistic $3,000. Nice!

Paper Tape Films

I just watched the San Francisco Wedding and it brought me back to my days growing up there with shots of cable cards and the Golden Gate. Memories, they are a good thing.

Some clips

Go here on their website to see some more beautifull films they have created!

Check back throughout today as we feature other great wedding cinematography in this old style format!

Make memories, capture memories & have a very happy day!


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